Zhesht Events is a promotional entity consisting of young enthusiasts with the aim of organizing metal concerts and festivals in Armenia and Georgia. We are the organizers of Highland Metalfest

, Metal Attack, Persian Metal Festival, Saturnus in Armenia and other events and intend to continue bringing European and American bands and organizing high quality events in the region.

17 September 2012

Persian Metal Festival is over

Persian Metal Festival is over!

First ever Persian Metal Festival is over and it was a blast! First of all thanks to M.O.P. music group for handling most of the hard work, this wouldn't work without you guys! Thanks to the bands, that travelled all the way from Iran at great risk, to make this festival as successful as it was. Also thanks to everyone involved in the process, the supporters and of course kudos to everyone who showed up to the festival and the afterparty. And last, but not least - Arsames! These guys totally rocked! Cheers!

As you may have noticed, two of the announced bands, Slave Mark and Death Fuse, weren't able to participate in the festival. As a matter of fact we never heard of them since their telephone call from the Iranian-Armenian border. We certainly hope that they are safe and would be grateful for any info about them. Stay strong, brothers!

Zhesht Events will continue delivering high class events in Armenia, so stay tuned for more metal!!!




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Metal Attack 2008 - 28.6%
Highland Metalfest 2008 - 7.1%
Highland Metalfest 2010 - 2.4%
Saturnus in Yerevan - 7.1%
Highland Metalfest 2012 - 4.8%
Highland Metalfest 2012 Georgia - 0%
Persian Metal Festival 2012 - 14.3%
End of World Party - 4.8%
Metal Madness Party - 0%
The Algorithm live in Yerevan - 2.4%
Igorrr live in Yerevan - 2.4%
Metal Attack 2013 - 7.1%
Metal Attack 2013 Georgia - 0%
Metal Attack 2014 - 14.3%
Metal Attack 2014 Georgia - 4.8%

Total votes: 42
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