Zhesht Events is a promotional entity consisting of young enthusiasts with the aim of organizing metal concerts and festivals in Armenia and Georgia. We are the organizers of Highland Metalfest, Metal Attack, Persian Metal Festival, Saturnus in Armenia and other events and intend to continue bringing European and American bands and organizing high quality events in the region.


Metal Attack Festivals - Georgian fans and musicians in YerevanZhesht Events, as a promotional entity consisting of young enthusiasts, presented itself in April 2008th with "Metal Attack Festival", the first international metal festival ever held in Armenia. While the term “international” is a bit exaggerated, as it only included bands from Armenia and Georgia, this was a landmark event for Caucasus that built a bridge between the secluded metal scenes of Armenia and Georgia, jumpstarting an ongoing tradition of having bands from these countries visit their neighbors on a regular basis with concerts. Moreover, Zhesht Events prouds itself in developing friendship and awareness between metal music lovers of these countries in a mutual feeling of unity as the definitive representatives of the Caucasus metal community.

But the best was yet to come. September 2008 also saw the debut edition of Highland Metalfest, a high profile metal festival that had bands from United States, Europe as well as Middle East and the neighboring regions perform in Yerevan throughout it's editions.

In 2011 Zhesht Events made the dreams of hundreds of Armenian music lovers come true by organizing a solo concert by the Danish doom metal masters Saturnus in Yerevan.

2012 saw Zhesht Events take on a new challenge on its path of constant development. Aside from Highland Metalfest 2012, which once again proved to be an outstanding event with 10 participating bands from Armenia, Georgia, Iran and special headlining guests from Finland, Zhesht Events also expanded into new territories by organizing a Georgian Edition of it's Highland Metalfest. Joined by common minded representatives of the Georgian metal scene, Zhesht Events is now an international entity!

2012 was also the year where Zhesht Events organized and executed the first ever Persian Metal Festival. While having a huge number of followers, metal music is illegal in Iran, live shows are prohibited and the fans are severely oppressed. This is why Zhesht Events invited Iran's top 10 bands with a mission to organize the first Persian Metal Festival in Armenia, which was successfully executed on 14th of September in Yerevan.

2013 saw Zhesht Events venture into new and eclectic musical styles, bringing avantgarde electronic projects like The Algorithm and Igorrr to Armenia and Georgia. 2013 saw us resurrecting our seminal Metal Attack Festival, which now became a two day festival headlined by Highland from U.S. Zhesht Events also started doing smaller club shows more frequently, working closer with local talent.

2014's highlight was the 3rd edition of Metal Attack festival, which gathered the region's best acts in the same venue, with a special appearance by Tacit Fury from Russia. Like in the previous year, the festival was executed both in Armenia and Georgia.

Zhesht's most ambitious year was 2015, when in cooperation with we organized a show for legendary Brazillian band Sepultura, as well as prog metal sensation Leprous from Norway. Another edition of Metal Attack festival also took place that year with such visiting bands as Highland (US), VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (Austria), Taekkra (Germany), Psychonaut 4 (Georgia), Avarayr (Iran), etc...

2016 seems like a year of returns. Many bands returned to Armenia and participated in numerous show by Zhesht Events. Among these bands were Tacit Fury, The Algorithm, and more bands will return, including Sadist from Italy.

Ultimately, Zhesht Events works towards the unity of underground and non-mainstream music fans throughout the Caucasus region regardless of their ethnicity and beliefs. A unity built around passion for real music.


Who we are

Arsen Hakobyan - Founder & CEO

Harout Keshishian - Drum tech, general management

Armen Mkhoyan - Sound engineer

Vladimir Melikyan - Stage manager

Aram Avagyan - Logistics

Sergi Shengelia - Representative in Georgia


Best Event by Zhesht

Metal Attack 2008 - 28.6%
Highland Metalfest 2008 - 7.1%
Highland Metalfest 2010 - 2.4%
Saturnus in Yerevan - 7.1%
Highland Metalfest 2012 - 4.8%
Highland Metalfest 2012 Georgia - 0%
Persian Metal Festival 2012 - 14.3%
End of World Party - 4.8%
Metal Madness Party - 0%
The Algorithm live in Yerevan - 2.4%
Igorrr live in Yerevan - 2.4%
Metal Attack 2013 - 7.1%
Metal Attack 2013 Georgia - 0%
Metal Attack 2014 - 14.3%
Metal Attack 2014 Georgia - 4.8%

Total votes: 42
The voting for this poll has ended on: 01 Aug 2016 - 00:00

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