Zhesht Events is a promotional entity consisting of young enthusiasts with the aim of organizing metal concerts and festivals in Armenia and Georgia. We are the organizers of Highland Metalfest

, Metal Attack, Persian Metal Festival, Saturnus in Armenia and other events and intend to continue bringing European and American bands and organizing high quality events in the region.

Mordab confirmed to play Persian Metal Festival

Created on 22 August 2012

Our next confirmation is Mordab from Tehran! This 5 piece has already shaken the walls of Puppet Theater in 2008 and they will come back for some more!


Persian Metal Festival AfterParty

Created on 22 August 2012

Specifically for those craving for more metal and thinking that 1 day of metal is not enough, Zhesht Events is also organizing a club after party on on 15th of September in Stop Club (Moskovyan 37) with live performances by Blood Inheritance (Death Metal / Armenia), Nairi (Heavy Metal / Armenia) and Dischord (Deathcore / Georgia). A grand international jam session after these performances is highly anticipated. Persian Metal Festival afterparty will start at 19:00. Price: 2000 AMD


Persian Metal Festival on Facebook

Created on 18 August 2012

Like Persian Metal Festival official page on Facebook and join the event!!!


Created on 17 August 2012


Zhesht events is pleased to announce mighty Arsames as the headlining act of Persian Metal Festival.

Persian Metal Festival

Created on 26 July 2012

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2013!

Hailz friends ;)

This is a statement from Zhesht Events, the founder and organizer of the 2012 Persian Metal Festival which was held in the Puppet Theatre on September 14th in Yerevan, Armenia.
We would like it to be known that Meraj Mop and the other members of Master of Persia (M.O.P.), who were helping out with promotion in Iran and band relations for the 2012 Persian Metal Festival organized by Zhesht Events, are now actively promoting and advertising Persian Rock/Metal Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia, positioning it as the next edition of Persian Metal Festival and trying to take advantage of its branding, success and feedback. This is being done without Zhesht Event's agreement or approval.

Since its establishment in 2008, Zhesht Events have always had quality and professionalism as the cornerstone of what we did. Now that the festival has been "hijacked" by amateurs that have zero festival organizing history and skills, we would like to publicly disassociate ourselves from the possible mess that is being prepared under the name of Persian Rock/Metal Festival. We declare that this upcoming festival in Georgia, if it ever happens, does not have anything to do with Zhesht Events and we should not be held responsible for its quality and professionalism.

Thanks for attention,
Zhesht Events team


درود دوستان.
این پیغامیست رسمی از طرف "Zhesht Events" ، بنیان گذار و ترتیب دهنده "پرشین متال فستیوال 2012" که در چهاردهم سپتامبر در "Puppet Theater" در ایروان، ارمنستان برگذار شد. 
لازم به ذکر است که Meraj Mop و دگر اعضای مستر آف پرشیا (M.O.P.)، که با تبلیغ در ایران و روابط با گروهها به پرشین متال فستیوال 2012 که توسط Zhesht برگذار شده بود کمک می کردند، هم اکنون به صورت فعال در حال تبلیغ "پرشین متال/راک فستیوال" در تیبلیسی، گرجستان هستند و آن را به عنوان قسمت دوم پرشین متال فستیوال معرفی میکنند و سعی در سو استفاده از نام، موفقیت و بازتاب پرشین متال فستیوال 2012 را دارند. این کار بدون تایید و هماهنگی با Zhesht Events صورت گرفته است.
از اوایل تاسیس در سال 2008، Zhesht Events همیشه بر کیفیت و پروفشونالیسم تاکید داشته و آن را پایه کاری خود قرار داده اند. 
از آنجا که هم اکنون پرشین متال فستیوال توسط آماتورهایی که هیچ گونه مهارت و تجربه ای در ترتیب دادن فستیوال ندارند "ربوده" شده است، ما به صورت عمومی خود را از فاجعه احتمالیی که تحت نام "پرشین متال/راک فستیوال" در حال تبلیغ شدن است، دور و جدا میکنیم. 
ما اعلام میکنیم که فستیوال تبلیغ شده در گرجستان (اگر به وقوع بپیوندد)، ربطی به Zhesht Events ندارد و ما هیچ گونه مسئولیتی در قبال کیفیت و پروفشونالیسم آن قبول نمیکنیم.

با تشکر،

تیم Zhesht Events







death metal



brutal death metal


folk death metal


heavy metal


heavy metal


thrash/heavy metal


black/death metal


death metal




technical death metal



Caucasus joins Wacken Open Air

Created on 21 July 2012


Attention! Caucasus joins Wacken.

Bands from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan will compete at W:O:A Metal Battle Caucasus. The winning band will have the opportunity to play at Wacken Open Air 2013 in Germany.

4 bands from every country will perform in Tbilisi during February 2013. 4 winners will be chosen during this concert to participate in the finals, which will also take place in Tbilisi. The single winning band will perform at Wacken Open Air 2013. The international final winner band will also be awarded with valuable prizes.

Visit Jam Events website

for more information and to apply for the competition!

First batch of videos from Highland Metalfest 2012 is ready!

Created on 20 July 2012

As you know, Highland Metalfest 2012 was professionally audio/video recorded and the material was being mixed and mastered by Zhesht Events team since then. Today the first videos of performances by ScoX and Master of Persia are ready and we are glad to present them to you. The rest will follow soon!





Created on 02 July 2012


Zhesht Events is proud to present the first ever Persian Metal Festival. 10 top Iranian bands are going to perform for their fans on one stage for the first time in history of Metal Music. The festival is set to take place on 14th of September, 2012 in Yerevan, Armenia. Stay tuned for the first confirmations and details.


Created on 25 June 2012

Henri Andersson the keyboardist of Throes of Dawn has filmed and produced this amazing documentary about their trip to the Caucasus for Highland Metalfest.

Highland Metalfest 2012 is over

Created on 27 April 2012


So, Highland Metalfest 2012 in Yerevan and Tbilisi is now a memory. We hope that everyone enjoyed the events and would like to thank the participating bands, our supporters and partners, as well as everyone who was present at the festival for being a part of the Caucasian metal community. Unfortunately it seems that the Yerevan Puppet Theater is inadequately big for such events and Stop Club is a more suitable choice for the quantity of metalheads that show up at metal events. 

We will soon start posting images and video materials from the festivals, so stay tuned.

Zhesht Events is devoted to organizing quality metal concerts and festivals in the Caucasus and this is only the beginning!!!

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Persian Metal Festival 2012 - 14.3%
End of World Party - 4.8%
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